The Half Moons

will be announcing our

New Lead Vocalist soon!

Ryan Moffit

Guitarist Ryan Moffitt’s musical roots began as a youngster listening to music on pop radio.  In his teens in Waukee, Iowa Ryan began to appreciate the acoustic side of things and soon discovered The Grateful Dead.  He bought his first guitar at 18 and  it lay until around the age of 20 when he started to play and fell in love with the blue grass style. 


Ryans Grateful Dead influence continued as he grew into his own style, in his words taught to him by Jerry Garcia, which is to be free in playing music and not be bogged down by structure.  “Style is based on your limitations” – John Hartford.  That style suited him well as he developed into an accomplished lead and rythymn guitarist and vocalist.  Other influences include Greg Brown, Gillian Welch, David Rawlings, and Old Crow Medicine Show.  Ryan uses these influences playing as well as writing music and now resides in Des Moines, Iowa.

Rick Farlow

Founding member Rick Farlow has been a music lover his entire life, listening in as his mother listened to classic  country on a console stereo as a youth and evolving toward rock as he grew into his middle and high school days.  Rick remembers sneaking a transistor radio with an earphone into middle school so he could listen to the latest rock and roll all day long.  Live music has been a big part of his life attending many concerts through the years and he has followed local bands since  his early teens, helping out with set up and tear down often. 


Rick learned to play acoustic guitar in his adult years and consistently explores many avenues with influences by a vast variety of styles from artists such as Tom Petty, Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Drive By Truckers, and Ryan Adams.

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